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view and white house correspondent nancy cordes is joining us from keen, california with that tonight. nancy? >> reporter: scott, good evening those poll numbers you mentioned helped to explain why the obama campaign harshly criticized izedey's speech today before he even delivered it saying that he en ded the commander-in-chief ed the it's part of an aggressive new approach to try to stem the damage from the president's debate performance. with the president in california for a mix of official business liforund-raisers the white house fired back at romney's claims that the president was weak on syria and iran. hey said romney did not propose any steps today that president obama hadn't taken already. >> that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear states. >> reporter: they pointed out romney's embrace of a middle east peace plan for two separate >> res with israel and palestine was at odds with what he told plnors in that secretly taped florida fund-raiser. >> reporter: obama campaign obicials described romney's speech as an attempt at a f
into recession, and it may very well happen. on a more upbeat, california. california is doing quite well. i like the start because it shows how california is doing relative to the united states and relative to texas. we kept hearing how great an economy texas had. but you can see we are on a much faster pace than the united states and about the same pace that taxes is at. -- texas is that. but they do quite well for the fact that their largest employer is the federal government. in a recession, the federal government does not lay off people. the second largest employee -- employer is the state of texas. they do not let up people. all the support organizations that work with those people to knock have the financial situation than we did in california or the rest of the united states were corporations were laid off people. but one of the most attractive things about taxes is that realistic is very cheap. austin, texas, is the most expensive metropolitan area. you want to know what the median price of a house is there? want to guess? $194,000. and i'm rounding up. it is very cheap. as a result, a l
will have analysis on friday. here today, governor of california took emergency steps over the weekend to lower the highest price of gas ever in his state. should the rest of the country follow his lead? that's what we're going to talk about next on "the five." ♪ ♪ 0t[h7 wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther. [ male
seth rosenfeld report on the fbi's covert actions at the university of california berkeley in the 1960s. the of the reports the j. edgar oeuvre lead agency attempted to weaken activist student groups including the free-speech movement. this is about an hour and a half. >> my name is low bergman. i am the david logan distinguished prof. of investigative reporting at the graduate school of journalism at the university. on behalf of the journalism school, i want to invite all of you to what i think is an extraordinary special event especially for me personally. tonight we have the honor of having seth rosenfeld here. and went on to enjoy a long career as an executive career at the san francisco chronicle, and i stayed in touch with him all those years. going on for years. for all that time, seth was involved in his own personal quest for the question of what was really going on here at berkeley in the 1960s one of those events were taking place. the result is this book, "subversives: the fbi's war on student radicals, and reagan's rise to power". it is an extraordinary book. when i read it
. here today, governor of california took emergency steps over the weekend to lower the highest price of gas ever in his state. should the rest of the country follow his lead? that's what we're going to talk about next on "the five." ♪ ♪ back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. gas prices seat new record. average price of one gallon now at $4.67. that is 22% more than the u.s. average. that sprung jerry brown to action. he directed the california regulators to relax fall control. oil refineries could release supply of cheaper fuel. if it's good for one state, whee not good for 57, president obama. >> dana: the secretary of energy thought it would be good idea to have european gas prices. now long beach, the average, $4.60. highest one in long beach was $6.65. imagine you drive along the highway you need to get gas and you see that. the environmental regulations across the board are -- well, not fair that california then can wave theirs. they have -- they got carved off early on. energy legislation. >> eric: they added additional regulation
by the president himself. here is what he had to say after he took the stage the a fundraiser in california following some big names including stevie wonder and katie perry. >> they just performed flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. ay but here is the good news is we've got a better vision for our country. we have a better plan for the next four years. >> president obama will be campaigning in california again today. >>> also making headlines this morning, the meningitis outbreak continues to spread. >> the pharmacy linked to the outbreak makes a move it is calling a precautionary measure. details on that coming up next. >>> also ahead, he was convicted of crimes that shattered lives and left a legendary football program tarnished. tomorrow, jerry sandusky will learn his fate. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more
of the speech from mitt romney today. >> steve: the president was out in california in the noka theater downtown and he didn't make it in time for the big show . katy perry, and earth, wind and fire and stevy oner had done the musical ads nd the president made a funny and poked fun at himself for his lousy debate performance. listen to this. >> i have to admit even though my staff came early to look at the show. i got left behind. my understanding it was an incredible show . yeah, these guys and everybody here is incredible professionals and such great friend and perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> there is another one, too. this is a quote and the anniversary date when he was talking about the debate taking place on the anniversary date it was not that romantic. that is speculation of the performance. >> of the debate. >> that's the joke. >> the interesting thing the president put himself out as a performer. his handlers said his performance was not good. >> steve: so he is theatrical. >> it is interesting that the president is a performer. i didn't know he was
>> next, seth rosenfeld reports on the fbi's covert actions at the university of california berkeley in the 1960s. the author reports that the j. edgar hoover-led agency attempted to weaken activist student groups including the free speech movement. this is about an hour and a half. >> good evening. my name is lowell bergman, and i'm the david and reva logan distinguished professor of investigative reporting here at the graduate school of journalism at the university. um, and on behalf of the journalism school and university, i want to invite all of you to what i think is an extraordinary, special event, especially for me personally. um, tonight we have the honor of having seth rosenfeld here who's an alum of the journalism school as well as the daily cal and went on to enjoy a long career as an investigative reporter at the san francisco chronicle. and all that time -- and i stayed in touch with seth all those years, i've known him for at least 30 year, going on 40 years -- and for all that time almost seth was involved in his own personal quest for the question of what was
is in search of consolation and cash in california. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> reporter: raising ever more campaign cash in hollywood at a concert with stars like katy perry and jon bonn jovi he poked fun at his debate debacle in denver. >> everybody here is a professional and great friends and they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> the sudden plunge in the president poll numbers, though, is no laughing matter for chicago. in addition to republican romney taking the lead in the new pew poll, the first gallup daily tracking poll since that debate shows romney fought his way back to tie nationally knotted up at 47%. bounce for romney since before the debate when he was trailing in the same poll by 5 points. groping for answers about why the president stumbled almost a full week later his top advisors are still pushing the narrative that romney lied his way to victory. >> look, george, governor romney had a masterful, theatrical performance this past week. the underpinning and foundation of the performance
to call police. >>> tsunami advisory is in place for several parts of california and after it happened in hawaii. they went off on coastal areas in oahu after it was downgraded to an advisory a few hours later. the big ewaves sighted was 5 feet near maui and it was 15 minutes after the warning went into effect. >> it is appropriate for them to go home. we are doing things to make sure it is safe for them to go home. >> california advisory was much administered near the lala point. the earthquake that triggered the warnings was a 7.7. it hit off the west coast of canada. no damage from the quake. they say this is the largest earthquake in canada since 1949. >>> several flights in and out of the bay area have been canceled thanks to hurricane sandy. more cancellations are likely. people are told to moved to higher ground. it comes after hurricane sandy merged with two other winter storm systems and this is what they are calling a very dangerous storm. >> cristina mendonsaie has -- chris chrisie, the governor has ordered a state of emergency. >> forecasters expect the storm to make landfa
of the story. this is a man who turned pol tinges on its head as governor of california. and what does arnold schwarzenegger want to hear from the candidates? >> how are they going to bring the parties together? >>> plus, have you seen chelsea lately? >> nobody knows what the hell they're getting into when they're running for president. >> one of my favorite guests are back. >> i'm single, yes. >> men watching this -- >> yeah, i'm available. just call me maybe. >> that's funny. feisty as ever with a new look for her talk show. this is "piers morgan tonight." arnold schwarzenegger has always been bigger than life, bodybuilder, hollywood supers r superstar, married into royalty and a governor of california. i first interviewed him in the early '90s. since then he's seen the end of his wife maria shriver and also political career in california. welcome, arnold. >> thank you. >> i imagine what it must be like to be you the past year. i saw i and maria a few days before the balloon came up on this scandal. i talked to you and i've interviewed you several timeses. since then, your whole life compl
the first presidential debate, president obama joked with supporters in california over the weekend, admitting he may not have been at his best in denver. the president took time to criticize mitt romney, going after what he claims is romney's plan for $5 trillion in tax cuts and cuts to pbs to help close the deficits. >> for you moms and kids out there, somebody is cracking down on big bird. cracking down on him. elmo has made a run for the border. governor romney plans to let wall street run wild again, but he's bringing the hammer down on sesame street. >> president obama will continue campaigning in california today, with a star studded event in san francisco, including john legend and >>> meanwhile, mitt romney returns to virginia today as he laughs off what looked like an uncomfortable situation in florida. the republican nominee was taking pictures with staff at a restaurant in port st. lucie when one of the staffers wiped romney's face with a napkin. romney can be seen laughing off the situation, but appears to be a little uncomfortable. >>> prepare for a month f
. in a season where drivers drive less. but in hardest hit california, consumers don't want to wait three weeks for even more relief following a summer of dramatic price spikes there where they saw gas prices above $5 a gallon. but there's good news for those in california, if there's not a major world event, we're told, that prices could drop as much as $1 for california drivers. >>> now to what may be the craziest story of the morning. take a look at this hidden camera video of a guy vandalizing cars, homes and lawns. the people who live in this neighborhood say they rigged up the cameras to prove that the damage is all tied to one man embroil ed in a nasty feud. john muller is on the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. call it the latest installment in the neighbor from hell series. we have seen these stories before, and this one comes from miami complete with surveillance cameras and plenty of strange behavior. one man is under arrest charged with criminal mischief and stalking. they call him the neighbor from hell. members of this miami neighborhood say this surveillance footage is proo
: the president wrapped up a california fundraising blitz in san francisco. he asked donors to send e-mails and make phone calls to people in swing states who will decide the election. >> we have to understand that we've got a lot more to do, and if we don't do it, then change won't happen. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney heads to middle america today for more campaign rallies. last week's debate re-energized his campaign, and now he has the numbers to prove it. in a pew research center poll last month, romney trailed president obama by eight points, 51% to 43%. but a new poll taken after the presidential debate last week shows him ahead now by four points, 49% to 45%. >> and people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this, this is unbelievable, thank you so much. >> reporter: romney campaigned in the pouring rain monday in virginia, asking for votes and slamming the president's record. >> he plans on four more years like the last four years, i don't think we can afford four more years like the last four
. >> now i'm a professor, he gave absolutely no specifics. >> reporter: in california today, president obama appealed to hispanics, dedicating the first ever national monument to a contemporary mexican-american, the late labor leader, caesar chavez. with the stakes higher than ever, the president put a spin on his own debate performance, rallying the supporters at a concert in hollywood last night. >> my understanding, it was an incredible show. and everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends, and they just performed flawlessly night after night, and i can't always say the same. >> reporter: in today's speech, mitt romney also appeared to try to take away from the president's signature success overseas, as to the death of osama bin laden. he credited the military and professionals for that. >> here, traveling with the romney campaign, in virginia tonight, peter, thank you, and to the rest of our team, chief affairs correspondent andrea mitchell and our white house director, chuck todd, both in the washington bureau. chuck, let's begin with you, two new polls, diffe
with president visiting iowa, colorado, california and navy as well. both will be in ohio which is huge focus of course. governor romney and the president hitting each other pretty hard on this battle ground brits. here is a piece of it. >> what you're seeing from the obama campaign is incredibly shrinking campaign. the president is out of ideas. he is out of excuses. in november you will make sure he is out of office. [cheers and applause] >> we know we're not where we need to be, not here, not anywhere but we've made real progress. we've got to build on that progress. we can't go back to what got us into this mess. we need to move forward with what is getting us out of this mess and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [applause] martha: we've chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. the first stop is davenport, iowa. give us an idea what the strategy is. how do you pack it in in these final days. it is require to spend so much time to chris cross all the states in the rush to the finish. >> reporter: it is, martha. gi
on, join that conversation please. gas prices, the spike in california levelling off, but prices have not started any kind of retreat just yet. the average for regular is up 50 cents, state wide in the past week an all time high, 4.66. governor brown has called on state regulators to allow the early sale of less expensive winter blend gasoline in california, that's a measure that he said could bring down sky high prices, not sure whether that order had taken effect just yet. sports, drew brees breaks a 52-year-old nfl record and the new orleans saints quarterback threw a touchdown pass for the 48th straight game. johnnie unitas held the record and brees' coach sean payton, suspended by the nfl, but got special dispensation because brees asked for him. the first one of the year. whatever happened raising the level of political discourse. the dnc communications director calls mitt romney directly a liar. and congressman allen west joins us to talk about this and polls in his home state. him and the opening bell next. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card,
with in california. >> you got that right. look at a live station in north hollywood, a gallon of regular will run you $4.79. higher in some parts of the state. what's fueling the skyrocketing prices and what governor jerry brown is doing about it. >> and president obama is in california this morning, went to a star studded campaign fund-raiser in l.a. last night and poked a little fun at his own debate performance. >>> then we meet the creator of a blog that moks facebook with people that do constant updates. it is popular, but is it too mean spirited. >>> and check out this pileup involving dozens of cars at a nascar race this weekend. it all happened on the final lap. we're going to have more on how it happened and how it ended in a moment. >>> we begin with out of control gas prices in california. nbc dianaal vee ar is live in hollywood. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. imagine waking up to prices like these, $4.79 for a gallon of regular gasoline. what makes it tougher for drivers in california is that prices are higher here than anywhere else. something some politicians say co
. >> san raphael, california, the city council voting mannously on monday a bill that bans smoking in multi-family homes, duplexes and condominiums so in the privacy of your own home, star, can you not smoke. does it go too far? >> i don't think it goes too far. secondhand smoke continues to be an issue. nancy would speak to that much more articulately than i can. i have to tell you if you live in a multi-family dwellings those exhaust pipes, whatever the vents are, you definitely get the smoke into your own house. >> this is my old home -- my old stomping ground, san raphael. >> you have a lot of stomping grounds. >> make no mistake about it. what happens in california will come to the rest of the country. so the idea that your children living on the third floor should not be exposed to cigarette smoke on the first floor, this is coming to a town near you. >> along those lines, in the year 2012 and we still in the civilized world produce a product we know kills ourselves. >> right. >> ban cigarettes period. >> star, what about personal rights? one guy at the city council meeting said this
: and stevie wonder. >> big ticket guys and some people not happy, california. if there were any other state dealer with like $6 gas prices it probably wouldn't bode well for the president flying in there and snarling up traffic before a concert. the gas stations are saying we're out of gas. >> it's an all-time high. >> $6. unbelievable. >> alisyn: and we have a fox news alert. two american troops, special operations in the province saturday after a fire fight with insurgents. and brings the number of u.s. troops killed in afghanistan this year to nearly 260. two afghan police officers were killed in two separate bombings in other after began pro vipss. well, that partially blind egyptian extremists maybe his first appearance in u.s. sports, he did not enter a plea, and he's charged with taking 16 hostages in yemen and trying to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon and appeared in court without his prosthetic arm, claiming they were taken away on route to the u.s. and his lawyers asked that his hand be returned immediately. and four others with al mazry needed not guilty to the terror
a bounce. the president was stumping for cash, not votes. he continued his california fund-raising swing, which is expected to bring in $10 million over two days. in between money events the president attended a dedication at caesar chavez national monument. >> our world is a better place because caesar chavez decided to change it. >> reporter: with president obama and mitt romney in ohio the focus is likely to shift back to the economy. rob and paula, back to you. >> thanks a lot, karen. >>> this thursday, it's the candidates for vice president who will meet face to face, and our own martha raddatz will moderate the debate. abc will carry it live. it all kicks off at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. they say bind could be feeling the pressure. the president did so poorly. now pressure on joe's shoulders to come out there and kind of put, spark a fire that the president could not. also interesting, came out yesterday from our pollster at "the washington post" is that the composition of the polls has changed a little bit. can explain some of shift in numbers. both in the gallup and pew poll, self-
the california primary. then at the end of august, democrats manage chicago. cbs and nbc provided full coverage of both the republicans conventions, the bbc decided to give on the evening wrap ups. they hired korbel to deliver 15 minutes of commentary each night, and occur in the conservative point of view was william f. buckley. the editor and founder of the national review had established himself as the spokesman of american conservatism, author of god and man at now and other books have also had a syndicated newspaper column, on the right, and tv show, firing line. erudite and unearthly communist in his first elaborate breathy deliveries, manic eyebrows and reptilian, will. he is now remembered as a representative image when conservatives can be consider race, but buckley was ahead of his time in many ways. his exchanges during the republican convention in miami were testy, but with that seriousness sat. tv journalists, howard k. smith served as moderator. buckley support the war in vietnam, but i'll post it, but to demand that the republican nominee, and nixon. he was so excited i the gover
. luckily she managed to get away. >>> and a surfer killed by a shark off the california central coast. a friend surfing with the surfer, saw the shark attack, pulled his friend on the beach and began first aid to a massive bite on his upper body. by the time paramedics arrived, he was dead. an investigation is under way. one marine expert said the attacker was like low a great white shark. >>> well, for as long as there have been parents, there have teenagers mortified by their moms and dads, but now some parents are figuring out that all of that embarrassing zuf they do can be used as a punishment if they blast it to everyone their kids know. >> i like this form of punishment. >> check out a couple of the faces of the online punishments. parents say, facebook humiliation, it can go a long way when their daughter is fresh. the 21st century alternative to grounding is getting mixed reviews but leaving some moms and dads with the last laugh. >> every kid hates to be embarrassed by mom and dad. that's probably an effective punishment. >> amen. >> not bad. >>> coming up, women who say the
, an amtrak train carrying 160 passengers collided with a tractor-trailer in central, california sending three cars crashing off the tracks. 21 people were injured. officials say the truck driver failed to yield at a crossing. >>> meanwhile, a short time later, just ten miles away, another truck plowed into a different train. the driver of that truck was seriously hurt in the crash. >>> and american express has agreed to pay nearly $113 million in refunds and fines to settle claims it deceived customers with its marketing and billing practices. some 250,000 cardholders will get refunds. >>> a major recall to bring you by honda. 2003 to 2007 accord v4 is being recalled because of a faulty power steering hose that could cause a fire. honda won't have replacement parts ready until early next year. >>> and take a look at this. a brazen daylight heist in california. two men, armed with pick axes made off with some $2 million in gems and gold from the state mining museum. they couldn't get their hands on the biggest prize of all. that is a nearly 14-pound crystalline gold. they tried to get that. bu
knocked out power to southern california in a refinery there. wholesale prices are up more than a dollar since last week. >> and a big game this afternoon at the oakland coliseum. the as and the rangers play for the american league west title. oakland beat texas 3-1 last night. both teams are in the play-offs but the winner jumps right into the al divisional series. the loser will have to play a one-game wild card game on friday. >>> go, as. that starts about 12:35 today. got your traffic and weather coming up after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. we'll take you towards the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a busy morning once again if you are trying to get into san francisco. metering lights are on. and it is stacked up into the maze. let's see. we had an early-morning fender- bender approaching the pay gates. it is long since cleared. but anyway we're left with a good wait behind the toll plaza. elsewhere, the nimitz 880 through oakland, not too bad so far. around 8:00 backs up past the oakland coliseum. that's your "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence. >> we have a lot of sunshin
no information on who sent it. the price of gasoline reached an all-time high in california yesterday. the average cost of a gallon there is now $4.61. prices are expected to continue rising a few more days before leveling off. we're told the price spike is the result of reduced supply and a volatile market. big bird was a surprise guest on saturday night last night. but declined comment on presidential hopeful mitt romney's plan to cut funding for pbs. >> so, before you go, do you have any political statement you'd like to make? >> no. i don't want to ruffle any feathers. >> osgood: here's today's weather. massive cold canadian air is pushing temperatures down into the 50s as far south as texas. the panhandle might even see snow. tomorrow most of us will discover considerably warmer weather outside our doors. next. >> great to meet you. osgood: behind closed doors. and later... >> that's the house. reporter: pete,,,,,,,,,,,, -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper... ...kept sending me coupons for cat food. i'm just not a coupon clipper. i buy what i wan
in california stole so much gas they had enough gas to make the trip back and forth between los angeles and new york four times. the brazen thieves hit this shell station near sacramento four times in three days. managing to steal $4,500 worth of gasoline. >> i don't know if we can recover that money or not. but at least, those people should go to jail. >> reporter: in all, they took off with more than 1100 gallons of precious gas. here's how police say they did it. at 1:30 in the morning, a man in a black pickup pulled up to the station. somehow, he managed to disable the meter and pump 300 gallons of gas straight into a tank in the back of the truck. police believe the thieves came back twice the next day and hundreds more gallons. then, they came back again, a day later. this time, during store hours to steal even more. >> it actually was brought to the attention of the owner because he was short on his tallies for his amount of gas. >> reporter: this as skyrocketing california prices broke records over the weekend with aaa putting the average price at $4.65 a gallon. that's a whopping 84 ce
and congratulations on the book. >> thank you, jenna, airses in a murder. woman and children found dead in california. the crime scene shocking even veteran police officers. who could behind this terrible crime? >>> plus new reaction to e-mails received almost in realtime as the u.s. consulate in libya was unattack. what did the white house know and when? ambassador john bolton joins us. oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafoodchicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'mctually looking at the wd grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you keep rambling o
at home, an amtrak train carrying 160 passengers collided with a tractor-trailer in california. 21 people were injured. officials say the truck driver failed to yield at a crossing. >>> meanwhile, a short time later, just ten miles away, another truck plowed into a different train. the driver of that truck was seriously hurt in the crash. >>> and some dramatic video here as a massive explosion tore through this warehouse in canada that stores fuel for race cars. that would explain the inferno. thousands of gallons going up in flames. hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. >>> and american express has agreed to pay nearly $113 million in refunds and fines to settle claims it deceived customers with its markets and billing practices. some 250,000 cardholders will get refunds. >>> a major recall to bring you by honda. 2003-2007, accord v6 is being recalled because of a faulty power steering hose that could cause a fire. honda won't have replacement parts ready until early next year. >>> and look at this. a brazen daylight heist in california. two men, armed with pick axes ma
military institute. meanwhile, the president is in california. >> reporter: election day is four weeks from tomorrow. look at some of the polls. within the margin of error in this poll in four key swing states, including a state that will get a lot of attention today, and that is virginia. the president made a return appearance to california last night. not because the state is in play this year, but because hollywood has heavy hitters with deep pockets. >> the last thing we can afford right now is four years of the very same policies that led us to this crisis in the first place. i cannot allow that to happen. i will not let it happen. >> reporter: mitt romney, meantime, prepares to pivot to foreign policy today. that's what an upcoming debate will focus on, and it may be an effort to strike while the iron is hot, with questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. romney is trying to build on postdebate momentum. >> you had the chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of course, days later we're hearing his excuses. >> reporter: last week's debate will giv
type. and now everyone's getting excited wednesday night though we were told by new york and california you can't have the heart. we can't fly the heart more than four hours, no big deal we get on the plane, you have to be a california resident for a year, but it's a direct donation, okay, so we gave up on it. and kind of gave up on it, wednesday around midnight i came in on thursday, and on my way home, 4:30, my wife calls sobbing and said we got the heart. and you know, so we went out there. stuart: hold on. charles: sorry. stuart: so you went out to california with the heart transplant operation performed in california. charles: it was at cedars, the best, absolutely best in the world. >> your wife took the heart after young woman. charles: 20-year-old girl. stuart: who you knew yoo i knew the family i knew the mother, i knew the father. stuart: i'm almost out of time and i want to continue this. tell me how is your wife now. charles: she'ssdoing amazing. stuart: really. charles: does she feel like a new woman. stuart: restored. charles: went to the first two-- it's like a bull in a
. in a moment, we're going to have former california governor arnold schwarzenegger weigh in on all of this. but it is "your voice, your vote," and abc's david muir is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this is a tight race, in fact the new poll shows president obama leads just two points likely among voters. and this morning, just two days before that big debate, who do voters think will win? >> hello, las vegas! >> reporter: overnight in las vegas, the president playing the odds, talking about predictions and the first all-important debate. >> i know folks in the media are speculating who is going to have the best zingers. no, no. governor romney, he's a great debater. >> reporter: the new poll shows him with the razor-thin lead among voters. when voters are asked who they expect to win, 63% of voters told us they think the president will win in november. as for the all important debate, 56% said they expect the president to win. both campaigns deep in debate prep. both trying to lower expectations. >> all right. >> reporter: with one notable
" is in its new home at the california science center this morning, but its final journey took nearly a day longer than expected. as ben tracy reports, moving endeave "endeavour" through the streets of los angeles was as tough as any space mission. [ cheers ] >> reporter: when the shuttle finally touched down in exposition park sunday, nobody seemed to mind that "endeavour" was 15 hours late. >> in some ways i think that the delay's a blessing in disguise. more and more people have been able to come out. >> reporter: this family came to monitor the shuttle's approach on the ipad. what do you think of the space shuttle? >> it's really big. >> reporter: yet, this "endeavour" also became a big ordeal. took more than 60 hours to travel more than 12 miles to the science center. officials trimmed trees and razed wires, trying to keep it on the move. the city had cut down trees and elevated more than 100 power lines, but it wasn't enough. as the crowds grew and often blocked its way, the shuttle could have used a booster rocket. it sloweded to just one mile per hour. then a planned two-hour mainte
during the day today. the southern half of the country from arizona and california to florida, everyone is going to see a relatively dry day today. just a few spots of wet weather. as temperatures go, we're in the 50s and 60s up the eastern seaboard, 40s in the great lakes. you need a light jacket this morning. in some cases probably no jacket at all in texas. look at denver, you're even warm at 61 degrees. a few spots of rain. we have a little bit exiting new england. a few showers up here in the northern plains and a larger storm. this one will give us problems across the country. that's the next storm system we'll have to deal with. a few showers from boston to portland, eventually up there towards bangor. that will be exiting by the time the sun gets up. showers around duluth and the upper peninsula of michigan. that's about it. otherwise it looks like a nice travel day out there. breezy in the northeast and cooler yesterday. by nichb's standards it's a beautiful fall day across the country, lynn. >> we look forward to that. thanks. >>> if you have a pet we have a food recall to tel
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